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IRay technology released 1024x768 14μm uncooled thermal imaging sensor

Release time: 2015-11-20

IRay technology released the first XGA uncooled thermal imaging sensor of China in November 2015. The resolution is 1024x768, the pixel pitch is only 14μm and the NETD is below 40mK.

The uncooled infrared focal plane arrays with high resolution and high performance can be applied to various applications including unmanned aerial vehicles,surveillance,power inspection and disease prevention,etc.

Many technical difficulties should be broke through before the appearance of the 1024x768 14μm sensor including the technology of high performance VOx film, the technology of XGA ROIC, the design of MEMS sensor with small pixels and the package technology of high vacuum. With 5 years’ continuous research and development, IRay had overcome all the difficulties and developed the 1024x768 14μm uncooled thermal imaging sensor. And the performance could be compared favorably with other advanced companies of the world.